aplicaciones comerciales

Encourage your commercial team. Make your sales team achieve your goals. Achieve sales / billing growth. Support your commercial team to achieve success. Turn your team into the most competitive one. Transfer the execution of commercial tasks to the highest competition:pilots / teams / ranking / prizes.

With the help of an application for mobile/iPad/Laptop, we create a corporate element of integration, with an appearance of a sporting event –Gran Prix, Tour de France, Marathon… It involves all the commercial and marketing team in order to dynamize the commercial activity and bring the results closer to the objectives set by the company.



A different experience. It is intense work but with a playful point that makes it easier to fight to achieve the objectives

Marc Díaz

What a huge surprise: teammates are also playmates!

Sofía Rodríguez

We have achieved the objectives set and we are looking forward to a new challenge.

Borja Casamon